What networking opportunities are available?

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Trey Smith

Last Update 3 years ago

What makes DWX different? It's the community! We offer a number of ways for you to connect and engage with other members before, during and after the event!

Slack - The DWX Slack Community is a year-round destination for conversations on all things digital workplace related. Join here

Live Session Chat - During each live session broadcast you will have an opportunity to engage in live chat with other participants. For many session, the speakers will join in the conversation as well. View the sessions

Networking Lounge - Participate in three networking breaks throughout the live day where you'll be able to participate in 1:1 conversations or join group discussions. Visit the lounge

Sponsor Meetings - Are you in the market for new products or services? We have representatives available from some of the top vendors in the space to meet 1:1 during the live day. Book an appointment

Happy Hour - Join us for this live, interactive game of Jeopardy! as we close out our DWX21 Winter Session. Yes, there will be prizes. Enter the game

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